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The Vizio company is known for producing state of the art TV technology and doing an excellent job of keeping up with the latest in performance and quality. The new 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs are no exception Here is a rundown of Vizio’s top three models.

VIZIO P502ui-B1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV (240Hz Effective Refresh Rate Version)

This amazing 4K Ultra HD smart LED HDTV is rated at 4.0 out of 5 possible stars. It features enhanced performance with a variety of useful features and benefits. Ultra HD content is now quickly and easily accessible. The P Series has been designed to allow users to stream content from over the internet through the HEVC H.265 codec. Netflix users can easily stream their favorite ultra HD content. The Spatial Scaling Engine has upscaled al HD and full HD 1080p content for enhanced crispness and clearness with an upgrade to UHD quality in the pictures. The LED technology provides bright backlighting that provides an even distribution for enhanced color consistency with greater contrast and picture responsiveness. The P Series utilizes 64 active LED zones for more adaptability to on screen content delivery with sharper details and more accurate color representations.

This model featres HDMI ports that are future ready for connection to all next-gen UHD devices such as Blu-Ray players, cable and satellite boxes and gaming consoles. Clear Action 960 provides viewers with image stability and smoothness for action and high motion scenes with a minimum of motion blur for a clearer and more realistic image.


Organization of apps is made easier with Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus. Ultra HD streaming support is up to three times faster with the HEC H.265 codec vs. 802.11n connection. For multitasking, this model provides a second screen for internet interactivity while viewing other content.

VIZIO P502ui-B1E 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV 120Hz

Coming in second place, this P-series Vizio 4K Ultra HD TV features a 50 inch screen with vertical resolution of 2160p and a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160. Itt provides users with 4 times the sharpness and clarity of the full HD models. The 4K experience is upscaled to provide enhancements to every aspect of smart TV viewing. This model allos for streaming your favorite movies, videos and clips from applications such as Netflix and YouTube. HD movies are enhanced to superior UHD picture quality through the Vizio Spatial Scaling Engine.

HDMI ports supports connection to next generation UHD devices including cable and satellite boxes, Blu Ray players and gaming consoles. Enjoy crystal clear viewing with Clear Action 960 for decreased motion blur and other distortions.

VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

The Vizio M-series 4K ultra HD delivers an upscaled UHD quality in picture with enhanced features and performance all around. Rated at 3.9 out of a possible 5, this model is one of the top picks among customers who give it high marks for performance.

Streaming movies, shows, videos and other media content is made simple with the Vizio M-series. This model features amazing detail and definition with surpasses the quality of full HD four fold with 8.3 million screen pixels in each image. This smart TV takes technology to the limit with its Vizio Internet Apps Plus and a Dual Band Wi-Fi. It allows for fast and easy access to your favorite online content though the app launcher. Automatic updates keep your system current with the latest upgrades for the best browsing and viewing experience.

The Vizio Company maintains a steady stream of high quality and state of the art products. They understand the need to keep up with the latest trends in performance and technology while maintaining high standards of quality. You’ve just had a preview of the three top 4K ultra HD smart TVs on the market. Keep up with the latest trends in smart TV entertainment. Enjoy viewing movies, sporting events, news and other media in the traditional method, or stream your favorite content from the web. The innovative designs of the 4K ultra HD TVs makes it possible to enjoy the most life like images available on the market. Whether you enjoy watching TV, movies, browsing the web or gaming, these units can cover all of the bases in grand style.

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