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feature-1Iphone has a lot of security features that includes automatic deactivation of mobile phone, location tracing and other security features. The best thing so far to protect your phone from physical theft is to make sure it is insured and at the same time, never use your mobile phone in unsafe public places. Read More→

feature-2Most Banking Websites have created their own apps that allow users to transfer or request funds, pay bill online or purchase online items. It is safe to safe that Iphone apps for banking is safe to use provided that your own password is not stored on phone or saved on its history, in fact using mobile banking that online web banking is much safer and secured. Read More→

feature-3When mobile phones first hit the public marketplace, they were designed especially to get telephone calls and did, didn’t include much in the method for additional features. Yet, within the final century, cell phone technology enhanced immensely and mobile telephones are commonly used for much more than accepting a call and text messaging. Phones that offer a wide variety of features are called smart phones. The iPhone by apple is a sort of smart phone yet it has features that recognize it from a standard smart phone. Read More→