• Feature1

    Interactive Phonemic Chart

    The chart shows all the sounds of English, divided into three sections: vowels, dipthongs (double vowels) and consonants. You can tap on a symbol to hear the sound, or tap and hold to hear the sound plus an example word. Listen to either British or American English.

    You can view the chart in either portrait or landscape mode, just by rotating your device.

    We’ve made a short video guided tour of the chart, explaining the different sections. You can also view this video from inside the App.

  • Feature2

    Vocabulary Wordlist

    We’ve carefully selected over 650 words for the included Wordlist. These are also used in the Practice and Quiz sections. Every word in the Wordlist has an audio recording that goes with it.  You have the option of selecting either British or American English for use in the App.

    The selected vocabulary shows how sounds are used at the beginning, middle and end of words and are all high frequency words (red Words in the Macmillan English Dictionary).

    You also have the ability in the App to record your own pronunciation of a word and play it back, then compare it with the model we provide. You can do this as many times as you like, until your pronunciation is perfect!


    Mastered all the words included in the app? You can now buy new wordlists directly inside the app. Priced at just £0.69/$0.99, each wordlist contains hundreds of new words and phrases.

    As well as new general wordlists, you can buy ones linked directly to Macmillan coursebooks. We currently have wordlists available for the Straightforward Second Edition and openMind/Mastermind courses.

  • Feature3

    Practise your pronunciation

    In the App you’ll find three different practice modes – listening, writing and reading. You can either work using a random selection of words from the Wordlist, or select a particular sound (or combination of sounds) that you’d like to focus on and practise just those.

  • Feature4

    Quizzes – Time for Fun!

    We know that learning should be fun, and that’s why we’ve included the different quiz modes in the App. These are perfect for when you have a spare five minutes in your day.

    Just like in the practice mode, you can choose to focus on listening, writing or reading. There are two different quiz modes in the App. In ‘3 Lives’ you have to get as many correct answers as you can before you lose all three of your lives. In ‘3 minutes’ you’ve got just three minutes to answer as many questions correctly as you can. Challenge your friends and colleagues to see who gets the highest score!

  • Feature5


    We’ve included an extensive extra resource section in the App, for both teachers and students, written by pronunciation expert and author Adrian Underhill.

    For teachers we have full teaching plans with ideas on using the App with your students, Top Ten Tips for teaching pronunciation, a video of a complete introductory pronunciation workshop with Adrian Underhill (Author of Sound Foundations – the most thorough teacher’s guide to phonology available) and more!

    For students we have information on why pronunciation is important for all aspects of language learning, and Top Ten Tips for studying pronunciation.