Buy-WordlistsWordlists are available for purchase within the Sounds app (Premium Edition only).

Individual wordlists cost just £0.69/$0.99 each, and contain additional vocabulary (single words and phrases), the phonemic transcriptions, and the audio recordings for all vocabulary.

In the app you can do any of the Practice or Quiz activities using any of your purchased wordlists, as well as accessing all of the vocabulary within the Wordlist section.


The following wordlists are currently available for purchase within the app:

Wordlist NameCEF LevelIncluded WordsIncluded PhrasesType of EnglishCoursebook-related?
Straightforward 2nd Edition ElementaryA253678BritishYes
Straightforward 2nd Edition Pre-intermediateB11094217BritishYes
Straightforward 2nd Edition IntermediateB1973254BritishYes
Straightforward 2nd Edition Upper IntermediateB2978355BritishYes
openMind EssentialsPre-A127741AmericanYes
openMind 1A117369AmericanYes
openMind 2A210686AmericanYes
openMind 3 B1304178AmericanYes
masterMind 1B1/B2220112AmericanYes
masterMind 2B2/C1211110AmericanYes
General 2All65820BritishNo
General 2All60020AmericanNo
Gateway A2A2882148BritishYes
Gateway B1B1763173BritishYes
Gateway B1+B1+876194BritishYes
Gateway B2B2911326BritishYes
Gateway B2+B2+698455BritishYes
The Business 2.0 IntermediateB1+371133BritishYes
The Business 2.0 Upper IntermediateB2449341BritishYes
The Business 2.0 AdvancedC1337267BritishYes
New Inside Out BeginnerA1582196BritishYes
New Inside Out ElementaryA2870326BritishYes
New Inside Out Pre-intermediateA2-B1929571BritishYes
New Inside Out IntermediateB1702614BritishYes
New Inside Out Upper IntermediateB2737773BritishYes